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Join us for Two Live Presentations in August 2016

This August, NASA Langley’s Technology Gateway will be participating in two upcoming webinars that your company may be interested attending!

Aerial view of NASA Langley Research Center

Aerial view of NASA Langley Research Center Credit: NASA

On August 23, at 2PM ET our team will be giving a presentation titled “How to do Business with NASA Langley” with a Q&A session to follow. The webinar will provide practical guidance on how to take advantage of these NASA developed technologies and capabilities through licensing, Space Act Agreements, CRADAs, joint research, contract research and other forms of collaboration. If your organization is interested in learning how it can partner with NASA Langley then you won’t want to miss it!

You can register here: http://bit.ly/LaRCWebinar

Side view of NASA's Compact Vibration Damper Credit: NASA

Side view of NASA’s Compact Vibration Damper Credit: NASA

The second webinar, which will be hosted on August 30th, 2016 by NASA Tech Briefs, will give an in-depth look at one of our most exciting technologies available for licensing, the Compact Vibration Damper. If you have a need to reduce vibrations in structure then you will want to be in attendance.

NASA Langley’s Compact Vibration Damper is scalable, lightweight, and provides superior performance when compared with conventional devices. Because of its design, it is also easily tunable and capable of tailoring the structural damping for individual modes of vibration using minimal space or weight.

Beyond aerospace applications, the system is useful for applications where you want to reduce vibrations, such as wind turbines, skyscrapers, smokestacks, and much more.

To join us for the presentation and Q&A session, please register here: http://bit.ly/29Yo6bP



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