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Langley’s Cutting-edge Coating Takes Home Prestigious Award


Every 12 months, teams of experts selected by Chicago-based RD Magazine name their choices of the year’s 100 most innovative ideas. NASA LaRC researchers, competing in an international pool that includes industry, universities, and government labs, were selected as one of the recipients of this prestigious mark of excellence.

NASA Langley’s winning technology, “Contaminant Adhesion Mitigating Epoxy Composite Coatings for Aeronautic Environments” was developed by Christopher J. Wohl, John W. Connell, Joseph G. Smith, Emilie J. Siochi, and Frank L. Palmieri of Langley’s Advanced Materials and Processing Branch and John M. Gardner of the National Institute of Aerospace.

The invention is a copolymeric epoxy coating that is loaded with a fluorinated aliphatic chemical species and nano-to-microscale particle fillers. It was originally developed as a hydrophobic and non-wetting coating for aircraft surfaces to prevent accumulation of insect strike remains, but it could be also useful in a variety of applications where the accumulation of insect residue is also problematic, such as in automotive and wind energy industries.

This technology is available for licensing through NASA Langley’s Technology Gateway! Interested in learning more? Contact us!

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