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Radiation Protection Material Webinar

NASA Langley Research Center has developed an innovative radiation shield made from shapeable fiber metal laminates.

This technology is lighter, thinner and made from hybrid carbon/metal fabric that can easily be integrated with resins to provide adhesion. The fabrication of this technology is based on the Z-grading method of layering metal materials which culminates in better performance and prolonged radiation protection than traditional radiation shielding for electrons and x-rays.

In addition to its spacecraft and satellite shielding applications, this invention can be used for radiation protective clothing, radioactive fluid piping shields, nuclear reactor shields, and other applications.

Dr. D. Laurence Thomsen discussed this novel technology and its potential uses during a live presentation on January 24th, 2017. You can watch a recording of the event below.

If you have any questions about the technology, please contact us!

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