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What is The Technology Gateway?

In today’s world with its ever-advancing technology needs, you’re faced with numerous challenges. Whether you want to improve your existing products, develop new ones, or are looking for a partner with unique expertise or facilities, you’ve come to the right place.The Technology Gateway at NASA Langley Research Center may be just the source for solutions.For us, “technology” means more than hardware or software. Langley’s people and facilities also drive our innovative technologies and solutions to take shape and be successful. It’s why we are a “Technology Gateway,” a place for answers to your technical needs.


When you’ve found the right technology, what’s next? We have a number of options for working together. While each mechanism has unique terms and conditions, all are designed to help you get the most benefit from NASA’s cutting-edge technologies and expertise.This is just a short list. You don’t have to make the decision, and we’ll work with you to determine which one is appropriate.


What are the mutual benefits?

  • Reduces R&D costs by drawing on existing technology resources
  • Expands technical capabilities, expertise and facilities
  • Different perspectives accelerate solutions to technical challenges
  • Create new products for government and the commercial marketplace

Discover Technologies for your Business