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Smart Solutions For Your Business!

New technology plays a critical role in your business. It can make the difference in having a standard product or having one that outperforms the competition. It may mean cost savings in how you manufacture that product. It can be the bottom line in your world.

Right now, you may have technical challenges for developing or improving your
business. And, you know that sensors, advanced materials, and energy-related
technologies may be the solutions to those challenges.

At NASA Langley Research Center, those Smart Solutions are already here!

HYBAS 1Actuators that harvest more mechanical energy and convert it into electrical energy better than
anything on the market today


Polymer materials that control and manipulate their own mechanical and
 electrical properties

✔ Polymer composites that improve films, fibers, mats, and other forms

free standing SWCNT film electrode Park

An electroactive device that withstands extreme temperatures and still remains stable





Durable Joint 2

A smaller bonded joint that redistributes load during failure





Vibration controlAn actuator that senses and reduces vibrations in flexible structures





AWEA simple system that tracks and controls airborne wind
energy vehicles




A user control device that integrates psychophysiological signals into game play

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business by clicking here!